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eAssessment Scotland 2014 Roundup

eAssessment Scotland Roundup

Martin Hawksey, Jenny Crow and Natalie Lafferty discuss the conference.

Martin Hawksey Innovation, Community & Technology @A_L_T Martin Hawksey (mhawksey) | Twitter MASHe | The musing of Martin Hawksey (EdTech Explorer)

Natalie Lafferty Director of Technology in Learning at the College of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing, University of Dundee
Natalie Lafferty (nlafferty) | Twitter, Natalie Lafferty – Interested in e-learning in medical education, #FOAMed, football, arts & more |, e-LiME | Jottings on e-learning and on its application to medical education

Jenny Crow e-Learning Developer University of West of Scotland. Jenny Crow (JennnCrow) | Twitter

eAssessment Scotland 2014 keynotes Peter Reed and Mark Glynn in conversation with Lynn Boyle and Mark Powers

eAssessment Scotland Keynote Conversation
Peter Reed Lecturer (TEL), Faculty of Health & LIfe Sciences, University of Liverpool. Peter Reed (reedyreedles) | Twitter, The Reed Diaries, Peter Reed
Peters post about his presentation: eAssessment Scotland Conference #eas14 (inc. slides)

Dr Mark Glynn Head of Teaching Enhancement Unit in Dublin City University. Mark Glynn (glynnmark) | Twitter, Technology Enhanced Learning | Enhancing the learning experience for teachers and students

Lynn Boyle Boyledsweetie (boyledsweetie) | Twitter Lecturer in Childhood Practice and Lead Officer for TESTA

Mark Power Mark Power (markpower) | Twitter Mark L Power

eAssessment Scotland 2014 Audio Feedback and Design

Audio Feedback and Design Learning at eAssessment Scotland

Radio Edutalk was at the eAssessment Scotland in Dundee 5th September 2014. This is one of several conversation recorded. This is the first.

Derek Jones in conversation with Prof Peter Hartley, and Prof Mike Press.

Derek presented U101 Audio/Visual Feedback.
Derek is Lecturer in Design at The Open University and architect.
Derek Jones (plug103) | Twitter Design Thinking Thoughts

Prof Mike Press Mike Press (MikePress) | Twitter, Mike Press |, open change, Mike Press | Design, culture, craft, crime and research.

Prof Peter Hartley Peter Hartley (profpeterbrad) | Twitter.