How to contribute

You can contribute to EDUtalk in several ways.

You can contribute to the podcast by: tagging an AudioBoo edutalk, tagging an iPadio phlog edutalk, or by emailing a sound file to or .

You can join a Radio #EDUtalk broadcast on Wednesday evenings (usually 9pm UK time) via Skype. If you would like to take part, rather than listen, please get in touch in advance (email or tweet @johnjohnston or @parslad).

If you would like your own show on Radio Edutalk: whether a series, a one-off or something else, please get in touch.

How the podcast works

‘Boos and phlogs are picked up for the AudioBoo and iPadio RSS feeds by tags and are added to this site.

Emailed audio is picked up manually and posted on the site. This may lead to a bit of a delay between sending us audio and it appearing on the site.

Previously, when we used Posterous to host Edutalk it was possible to add audio directly from email. We will be working on this feature in the future.

The links point back to the originating site, therefore we do not hijack your comments.

How to add AudioBoo to the site

AudioBoo is an iPhone application that posts audio to the AudioBoo site. It is one of the easiest ways to post audio to the internet from an iPhone.

You need to download the AudioBoo application and set up a free account with AudioBoo.

To make a recording with AudioBoo, press the record button to start, then press the pause button to stop recording. You can then choose to add more or press Publish to upload your audio to the web.


When you press the Publish button, you can give your recording a description and add tags. The tag is the important part; you need to add the tag edutalk.


Now press Upload.

Your audio will be published to AudioBoo. Every so often, the feed is checked for ‘Boos tagged edutalk, and these are pushed to this site.

How to add via iPadio


NB. At the time of writing, you cannot add tags to phlogs in the iOS application; you need to do this in a web browser. The iPadio developers tell us they will be adding this feature back in.

MP3 player with built-in microphone

Many MP3 and MP4 players have a built-in microphone. If you have one with such a feature, you can set it to ‘Voice’ or ‘Record’ and then start recording; capturing your own or others’ thoughts.

For example, you could position it in the middle of a table to record a one-to-one or group discussion. The player should have a USB cable. Connect one end to the player and the other to your computer. Your computer will recognise this connection and allow you to see which files are on your player.

Find the file of the voice recording you wish to have published and email it as an attachment to; giving a relevant title for the audio in the Subject line of the email.

iPhone Voice Memos

This is a really easy way to use an iPhone to contribute to EDUtalk.

  1. record a Voice Memo using the Voice Memos Application
  2. click Share, open email
  3. address the audio to
  4. give your email a relevant title
  5. send the email

Any audio, from mobile or desktop

  1. create your audio recording
  2. send it via email to

It is easiest for us if you send MP3 files, but we are happy to convert any audio.

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