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How to contribute

You can contribute to EDUtalk in several ways.

You can join a Radio #EDUtalk broadcast on Wednesday evenings (usually 9pm UK time) via Skype. If you would like to take part, rather than listen, please get in touch in advance (email or tweet @johnjohnston or @parslad).

If you would like your own show on Radio Edutalk: whether a series, a one-off or something else, please get in touch.

You can contribute to the podcast by: emailing a sound file to or

Edutalk started as a site everyone could contribute to. The technology we used is now gone but we are happy to explore other ways for contributions to arrive on the site.

iPhone Voice Memos

This is a really easy way to use an iPhone to contribute to EDUtalk. Many other apps on different mobile platforms work in a similar way.

  1. record a Voice Memo using the Voice Memos Application
  2. click Share, open email
  3. address the audio to
  4. give your email a relevant title
  5. send the email

Any audio, from mobile or desktop

  1. create your audio recording
  2. send it via email to

It is easiest for us if you send MP3 files, but we are happy to convert any audio.

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