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About EDUtalk

EDUtalk is a project to gather the voices of educators

EDUtalk is based on the SLFtalk project which recorded the voices of educators attending the Scottish Learning Festival in 2009.

The idea is that anyone can join in and post audio snippets to the site.  This can be done in several ways:

  • record a voice memo on an iPhone, or an mp3 file on a mobile phone, and email it to us
  • record voice onto a digital voice recorder, transfer it to a computer, and email the recording to us at
  • use AudioBoo, tagging your recording edutalk

More Details on contributing

We are looking for short, 1 – 8 minute audio recordings.  You could record:

  • a conference session
  • chat with the presenter or a collegue after the session
  • your own reflections on a session you attended
  • your ideas about education
  • conversations with colleagues about recent teaching and learning
  • a group discussion that you were part of
  • a resource for other educators or learners

or something else…

Rules? Only one:

The introduction to your audio should name the recordee.  Any other participants should give permission at the start of the recording for the subsequent posting and distribution of the audio. The audio will be moderated to ensure that permission has been given.

Detailed instructions will follow, however the idea is to use the simplest technology so that anyone can join in.

Questions?  Send a tweet to @johnjohnston or @parslad, or leave a comment.

Finally, All contributions to EDUtalk are made within the Creative Commons framework.  This means that all resources are shared freely and are able to be listened to and distributed freely by visitors to the site, including fellow collaborators and contributors.  No commercial use of any of the audio resources contained or linked to at EDUtalk is permitted.