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eAssessment Scotland 2014 Roundup

eAssessment Scotland Roundup

Martin Hawksey, Jenny Crow and Natalie Lafferty discuss the conference.

Martin Hawksey Innovation, Community & Technology @A_L_T Martin Hawksey (mhawksey) | Twitter MASHe | The musing of Martin Hawksey (EdTech Explorer)

Natalie Lafferty Director of Technology in Learning at the College of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing, University of Dundee
Natalie Lafferty (nlafferty) | Twitter, Natalie Lafferty – Interested in e-learning in medical education, #FOAMed, football, arts & more |, e-LiME | Jottings on e-learning and on its application to medical education

Jenny Crow e-Learning Developer University of West of Scotland. Jenny Crow (JennnCrow) | Twitter