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Radio #EDUtalk 20-02-13 TeachMeet EDUtalk

teachmeet edutalk 2013

Arranged at very short notice, we had an Audio TeachMeet, missing the social and beer but with some fascinating guests.

Anna Cotton teaches 9-11 grade at high Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts Alternative Project Based Science Program under the EduMaker banner. Anna Cotton (avcotton) on Twitter

Neil Winton on SOLO Neil recommended The Learning Spy for further resources about SOLO. Neil’s Blog: If You Don’t Like Change… and Neil Winton (nwinton) on Twitter

Bob Hill talking about SCHOLAR in the classroom. Bob’s posterous robthill’s posterous – Home and robthill (robthill) on Twitter

Iain Hallahan taling about open badges and ForAllBadges – Badge Systems for K-12 Students. The H-Blog and Iain Hallahan (don_iain) on Twitter