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Rockylou and John Talk DS106


Last night I was interviewed by another ds106 open online participant,Rochelle Lockridge to reflect on DS106. The idea was to cover a ds106 Assignments: Audio Self-Reflection.

Why are you here? What brought you to DS106? Why did you stay?
Share your DS106 impressions by creating a short 3-5 min audio self-reflection

Rochelle invited me to complete the assignment by interview, and we chatted and I rambled on for half an hour. Rochell will cut this down to the required 3-5 minutes.
I though that the raw skype call might be of interest to folk thinking about ds106 or similar online learning.

Digital Storytelling (also affectionately known as ds106) is an open, online course that happens at various times throughout the year at the University of Mary Washington… but you can join in whenever you like and leave whenever you need. This course is free to anyone who wants to take it, and the only requirements are a real computer, a hardy internet connection, preferrably a domain of your own and some commodity web hosting, and all the creativity you can muster.

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