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Rob Smith Using Film in the Classroom #ScotFLF15

Rob Smith Using Film in the Classroom ScotFLF15

Thanks to David Gilmour (@dgilmour) for recording this session. Given that some of the presentation involved watching film without sound these sections have been cut out or shortened.

Rob Smith is the creator and curator of the Literacy Shed website. Until recently Rob was a member of the leadership team in a large Manchester primary school, as the teacher leading English Rob was able to develop and embed the use of film in the classroom in order to enhance existing practice.

A presentation on the impact of visual literacy in our school and how engaging pupils through film and image is not only enjoyable but improves attainment, motivation and attitude to reading writing.
During this session Rob will demonstrate how films can be used to develop key literacy skills such as reading for inference and ‘Show not tell.

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Audio recorded and broadcast during  the Scottish Film and Learning Festival on 3rd October 2015

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