Radio #EDUtalk @ #ACTS2013: Terry Wrigley – Poverty, Inclusion and Achievement: Is there more that schools can do?

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This workshop takes as its starting point the psychological and social effects of child poverty.  It will critically examine some of the explanations of how deprivation tends to lead to underachievement, and open up some new issues and questions emerging from research. These include ability grouping, community involvement and whether children from poorer neighbourhoods tend to experience more restricted forms of teaching (a ‘pedagogy of poverty’). Examples will be provided of innovative schools which are making a difference.    

Participants will be invited to look at how much we know of children’s lives outside of school, including family interests and support, and at how school-based research can be used to raise awareness about the danger of ‘pedagogies of poverty’. 

The workshop relates to the presenter’s new book Living on the Edge (co-author John Smyth) and to his involvement in Social Justice Re-considered (a collaboration involving staff at Moray House, University of Edinburgh). 

One of several recording that we streamed from the Association of Chartered Teachers Conference at the Stirling Management Centre on Saturday 2nd February. More to come over the next week or so.