Radio Edutalk 24 November 2011

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David and I tried another live broadcast last night. This week we experemented with bringing folk in via Skype. Thanks to Stephen Reid and Joe Dale for joining in the fun. 

There is a a bit of confusion around 10 minutes in as the technology got the better of us. Not edited out as we like to document our learning.

I also failed to turn on the archiving in Nicecast so missed the first 5 or 10 minutes. The recording is cut short due to the fact that I have yet to purchase Nicecast and it overlays some pretty loud hissing after an hour. I think we have now tested Nicecast enough and I hope to buy it very soon. I quite like the idea that it cuts off after an hour as a way of keeping this to a reasonable length.

Stephen Reid tweets as @AHigherPlaceLtd and blogs at a higher place.

Joe Dale tweets as @joedale and blogs at Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom.

DS106 Digital Story Telling ds106  Radio 

Ed Radio ~ Stephen’s Web


A few of the evening tweets curated on  Storify



We hope to be back next week on Wednesday 9:00pm UK time with another Broadcast and phone in.