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Margaret Orr, MOSEL: The Professional Standards: What’s in it for us?

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Margaret sent some LEADERSHIP:Suggested Reading

The undernoted is only a small sample of the range of works on leadership but I have found them to be of relevance and a stimulus for discussion particularly when related to the specific context of Scottish Education and the revised standards with the associated expectations of PRD and Professional Update.

Professor Tim Simkins, Head of Leadership & Management at Sheffield Hallam University offers an interesting perspective on the range of leadership definitions as they relate to the real world of school life.

Doctor George Oduro, Director of the Institute for Educational Planning & Administration at the University of Cape Coast reflects on the results of a research project undertaken by the National College of School Leadership (NCSL) on the practical implications of distributed leadership. The research drew on responses from 302 teachers and 11 headteachers across 3 English local authorities.

Professor Richard Elmore, Harvard School of Education gives an overview of current thinking on Leadership in an edcast form Harvard.

Professor Andy Hargreaves, Thomas More Brennan Chair of Education Boston College has written a number of books on Educational Leadership which have influenced policy development and practice in the United Kingdom. This latest publication offers some challenging thinking on how we optimise the effectiveness of teachers by recognising their professional capital. On the YouTube video he gives his insight into the thinking behind an earlier publication, The Fourth Way, which offers a stimulating approach to effective leadership.