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Dangerous David

dangerous-ed-iconDownload David Cameron Dub-3

As part of Edutalk’s involvement in the Emporium of Dangerous Ideas we are inviting folk to contribute audio:

  1. Reports, thoughts of reviews of events in this years emporium.
  2.  To mashup audio recorded at the opening event.

There are more details in the post Edutalk at the Emporium of Dangerous Ideas.

This post is an example of the second activity. I’ve taken audio from David Cameron’s contribution: ▶ David Cameron Emporium launch mixed it with some of David talking at an ACTs conference and a background track created in GarageBand. I am sure anyone with a bit of musical understanding can do better.

How to join in:

  1. We will post for download some audio recorded at the Emporium’s launch for you to download.
  2. Take that audio and mix it up with other sounds, musical or not to either emphasize an idea, or just to have fun
  3. Add this to Edutalk, either by mailing the audio to or upload it to AudioBoom and tag it #dangeroused.