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Radio #EDUtalk 06-05-2015 Teaching Scotland’s Future – Professional Update

Professional Update at Teaching Scotland’s Future

Teaching Scotland’s Future  Career Long Professional Learning, Professional Update Ken Muir & Jayne Rowe

The purpose of today’s workshop will be to share detail as to the range of work which has been
undertaken by the Teacher Education team; in particular, examining the concept of career-long
professional learning and the strategies which the team continues to promote to impact upon the climate and culture within Scottish schools.

Radio #EDUtalk 21-11-12: National Partnership Group Report panel discussion

Panel discussion on the National Partnership Group report. Featured: Neil Winton (@nwinton), Stephen Reid (@AHigherPlaceLtd) and Amanda Corrigan (@ajcorrigan).

We had a small technical hitch at the start of the broadcast which led to the first five minutes of the show not being recorded. Apologies to our panelists who were introducing themselves at the time.

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Radio #EDUtalk 7-11-2012: John and David on CPD, Glow and Twitter

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Without a guest, David and John talk over recent and up-and-coming EDUtalk and Radio EDUtalk contributions and shows, and John’s vague and utopian CPD ideas, the Glow transition, and Twitter.