David Gilmour Google Apps Deployment #gooscot

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Second of a series of recordings from yesterday’s ‘Google Apps for Education Summit: Using Technology to Transform and Unlock Learning’. I hope to post more soon.  


East Lothian deployed Google Apps a few years ago, in parallel with Glow, and it’s now in day-to-day use in 6 secondary and over 30 primary schools, with uptake growing strongly. This session will describe:


  • Why did we decide to adopt Google Apps? You’ll learn how what started off intended as a small-scale, work-around email solution raised our awareness of the strong potential of the whole Apps suite to support the learning activities emerging under CfE. 
  •  What was involved in getting started? Find out what you actually need to do to get started, and how little technical knowledge is required.   How was it introduced to staff? Why we didn’t do it in a top-down way, but allowed it to grow organically, and how that went.  What training was needed? The difference between learning what’s possible, and learning how to do it. What parts of it are proving most popular?  Certain parts of Google Apps grab the attention of teachers, and they’re not always the ones you expect.  What’s in it for teachers? Improving efficiency and effectiveness.  How have parents reacted?  
  • What’s in it for learners? 
  • How much work is needed to run it?