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Neil Jones’ Presentation at #SLTeachMeet

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Education for Social Responsibility: one day they’ll call it education
Neil Jones – Headteacher, St Joseph’s In The Park

“I have been involved in education for 20 years, firstly in Environmental Education and then in Independent Schools. After a stint in the Florida Everglades I moved to the New Forest. From there I went on to a role as Science teacher at Kew College, a West London Prep School. During this time I gained my PGCE in Secondary Science and a Masters in Education for Sustainability. I eventually took up the role of Deputy Head at Kew. After 8 years at this school I moved to Berkhamsted Prep as Deputy, overseeing Pastoral Care. From Berkhamsted I took up the post of Head at St Joseph’s In The Park, near Hertford, 5 years ago. As a member of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS), I have a position on our Strategy Committee and a lead on Education for Social Responsibility as Subject Advisor. In addition I represent IAPS on the Sustainable Schools Alliance. I have always been committed to sustainability at the heart of education and now find myself with the opportunity to explore and embed this approach further within our sector of education. I have also managed to be referred to as a “guru” of social media by fellow heads. Very kind, but I merely stand on the shoulders of giants!”
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Bloomsbury, London, England

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