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One thought on “EDUtalk365 #66 – Iain Hallahan speaks to Ewan McIntosh about TeachMeet”

  1. While Ewan’s audio is good, my own questions are a bit harder to hear. Here they are, so people can follow the interview a bit better:

    Where did the germ of the idea that grew into TeachMeet come from?

    At the start, how much of the organisation were you doing yourself and how much was crowdsourced?

    When it became clear you were going to be moving away from TeachMeet, at least for a while, was there a worry there that it might disappear, or did you feel it had become sustainable?

    TeachMeet has continued to grow and evolve – there’s been LeadMeet, GregMeet, small local ones, big national ones, international ones, subject based, changing rules and even BeerMeet – how do you feel about the current evolutions of the TeachMeet model?

    What do you think made TeachMeet so successful, and when did you realise that you’d managed to come up with something really quite special?

    Are there any other challenges that TeachMeet faces now?

    You have spoken briefly before about DreamMeet, how would you see that happening?

    Where is the missing 8th edition of TeachMeet?

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