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DS106 Good Spell episode 44

106 Bullets Episode 44 Bullet number 56: What is the difference that makes the difference? Using the web to build relationship and learn together is not the same as running or participating in a MOOC. Bullet number 57: No, DS106 is not a MOOC. Bullet number 58: It is a group of people who love … Continue reading “DS106 Good Spell episode 44”

The DS106 Good Spell ep 42

106 Bullets Episode 42 Are you prepared to make friends with fictitious participants? The oral tradition of DS106 is carried in imagination that gets concretised in these ‘creations’ and carried over from semester to semester. I am Talky Tina | … and I’m watching you … Nana Lou’s Place ARG presentation PELeCON 2012 Who Is … Continue reading “The DS106 Good Spell ep 42”