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Radio #EDUtalk 09-09-2015 Doug Belshaw

Download: Doug Belshaw Open Educational Thinkerer A conversation with  Doug Belshaw ‘Open Educational Thinkerer’ on  education, technology, and productivity. Links from the show: Dr. Doug Belshaw: Open Educational Thinkerer Doug Belshaw’s blog @dajbelshaw Doug on Twitter Bread & Circuits Introducing a New Thimble and Bramble The Setup / Clay Shirky APIs Are The New FTEs | TechCrunch Imogen Heap … Continue reading “Radio #EDUtalk 09-09-2015 Doug Belshaw”

Radio #EDUtalk eAssessment Scotland Karen Strickland and Doug Belshaw

download Karen Strickland Doug Belshaw audio Karen Strickland/ @strictlykaren and Doug Belshaw, @dajbelshaw in conversation at the eAssessment Scotland conference. Doug was giving a workshop pen Badges: Assessment for Learning with Steve Sidaway. Karen discussed the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice, which aims to provide a supportive publishing outlet to allow established and … Continue reading “Radio #EDUtalk eAssessment Scotland Karen Strickland and Doug Belshaw”