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Tue 24/01/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm GMT: Angela Gardner, producer of Informed Scotland, on ‘Learning & skills across the landscape – the hottest topics in 2016 and what’s on the horizon for 2017'.
Tue 07/02/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm GMT: Cria Sangster, Teacher of Music, on 'Learning and teaching with technology in the music classroom'.
Wed 15/02/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm Malcolm Wilson, ICT Curriculum Development Officer for Falkirk Council Children's Services. Supporting schools in using digital technology in learning and teaching. (more…)
Tue 21/02/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm GMT: Stuart Farmer, Head of Physics at Robert Gordon's College, on 'Professional Learning - what place for professional bodies, professional learning communities, and research and evidence informed practice'.
Wed 22/02/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm Kenny Pieper talking about his new book, Reading for Pleasure: A Passport to Everywhere. (more…)
Tue 07/03/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm GMT: Andy Cunningham, Staff Tutor for Health and Wellbeing at Dundee City Council, on 'Getting it Right for pupils of parents with cancer'.
Tue 21/03/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm GMT: Dominic Coughlin, Kings College London, on 'The development of the Teachers' Standards in England and Professional Standards for Teachers in Scotland'.
Tue 18/04/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm GMT: Dr Gale MacLeod, Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.
Tue 16/05/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm BST: Patrick Boxall, Director of Create and Connect Learning, on 'Making creative learning happen in the classroom'.

Radio #Edutalk is an education radio station brought to you by Scottish teachers, John Johnston and David Noble.

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