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Radio EDUtalk 22-02-2017 – Kenny Pieper – Reading for Pleasure

Download: Kenny Pieper, Reading for Pleasure

Kenny Pieper talking about his new book, Reading for Pleasure: A Passport to Everywhere.

Reading for Pleasure: A Passport to Everywhere

Kenny’s blog Just Trying to be Better Than Yesterday | …how difficult can that be?

Kenny Pieper (@kennypieper) | Twitter

CPD in 140 – John Heffernan

CPDin140 – John Heffernan

With a broad range of experiences, educator John Heffernan (@johnmayo on Twitter) currently finds himself transplanted from Ireland, his home, into Virginia, United States. John discusses the part that Twitter played in that, connecting him with ‘interesting, smart people’ and exposing him to people who ‘have different views and different lifestyles.’ John recognises the degree to which he has become:

“I can’t imagine how I would have ended up, or how my career would have developed without Twitter”

CPDin140 – John Johnston

CPDin140 – John Johnston

For once John Johnston (@johnjohnston on Twitter) finds himself on the other side of the mixing desk, having kindly volunteered to contribute his experiences to the project. John ranged broad and wide, introducing me to new concepts such as ‘continuing amateur development‘ and ‘opinionated‘ software. And what a wonderful way to close our chat:

That’s what Twitter’s about I guess; it’s good to talk.

CPDin 140 – Chris Bailey

CPDin140 – Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey (@mrchrisjbailey on Twitter) sits only a couple of metres from me here at Sheffield Hallam. Although no longer teaching in the primary sector, Chris (a long time Twitter user) kindly volunteered to contribute his insights to my study. Chris noted that Twitter provides value in the ‘connections‘ it enables and the opportunities for ‘sharing‘ which open up, but we need to be conscious of whether it might also ‘distract‘ … although that might not necessarily be a bad thing.