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Thu 14/03/19 Radio EDUtalk: 7.30pm GMT: Connect (formerly SPTC) Annual Lecture - Carol Craig on 'Learning to Cope: How Do Children Become Resilient?'.
Tue 26/02/19 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm GMT: Eileen Prior, Executive Director of Connect (formerly SPTC).
Tue 05/03/19 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm GMT: Professor John Ravenscroft, Chair of Childhood Visual Impairment, University of Edinburgh.
Tue 19/02/19 Radio EDUtalk: 8.30pm GMT: ThemPra's new Massive Open Online Course in Social Pedagogy.
Tue 12/03/19 Radio EDUtalk: 8.30pm GMT: John MacKay, Head of Health at Kingussie High School, on School Partnerships.
Wed 13/03/19 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm Dr  Ian Guest will talk about his recent PHD  "Exploring teachers' professional development with Twitter" (more…)
Wed 06/03/19 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm John & Mariana will continue to discuss their quite different classroom, one primary the other tertiary and virtual.
Tue 19/03/19 Radio EDUtalk: 8.30pm GMT: Colin Brough, University of Edinburgh.

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