A simple search on Twitter would quickly return tweets in which teachers celebrate how the the platform has supported their professional learning. For example, take a look at the responses when George Couros (@gcouros) asked "If you were going to give one reason on why a teacher should use Twitter, what would it be?" I'm currently conducting doctoral research to explore this phenomenon, seeking to reveal more about what is occurring, how it's happening and what effects it has on the people concerned.

Partly inspired by David's 'Edonis' research study, I'll be using semi-structured interviews as one channel through which people can share their thoughts. With participants’ permissions, I hope to post here the interviews from those who kindly agreed to participate in the open.

Here is Ian talking about the project on Raido Edutalk

Further details about the study can be found on the CPDin140 blog. If you have any questions, or are interested in participating, please do get in touch.

Ian Guest (@IaninSheffield)