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Radio #EDUtalk 03-05-2017 Loose Learners Ep 3: We Brag!

Download: Loose Learners Episode 3

On the first Wednesday of May we broadcasted our third episode of ‘Loose Learners’. John Johnston is a primary school teacher in Scotland and Mariana Funes is a Psychologist teaching in higher education and we explore issues that we find interesting and that we feel affect those of us using the web for educational purposes in some way.

We run the live show the first Wednesday of each month. The next show is planned for June 7th 2017 at 8pm BST. We thank @Zeynep for the original take on our new tagline: ‘It the Internet Good or Bad for Education? Yes.’ We look beyond easy answers and do our best to look behind technological solutionism.

On today’s show: We brag!

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CPDin140 – Stacey Ramm

CPDin140 – Stacey Ramm

Stacey Ramm (@tiffybum on Twitter) outlines some of the benefits Twitter provides for her, including how it helped her in getting a job. We also hear how she partitions the professional and personal sides of her life within social media, and how doing that contributed towards her memorable Twitter handle.

Radio EDUtalk 27-11-2013: Graeme Pate

download graeme-pate

Graeme Pate talks about flipping the classroom/lectures and tweeting with students.

Graeme on Twitter
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