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Radio EDUtalk 7 Dec 2011 Juliet Robertson

We are begining to get the hang of the nicecast & skype set up.

Juliet Robertson

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eativeSTAR talks about outdoor learning.

Juliet gave a ton of practical advice and tips for outdoor learning and its connection to the curriclum, (especially the excellent one) and gave us some insite into her expericence. Lots more on the About Juliet section of here blog I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!

Juliet fielded questions from twitter and continued to tweet answers after the show.

A few tweets:

  • @AHigherPlaceLtd @Parslad #Edutalk The weather makes Scotland the fab country that it is… so capitalise on its learning potential Wed Dec 07 21:08:17 +0000 2011 from CreativeSTAR
  • @AHigherPlaceLtd #Edutalk re Scotland’s geog & science for outdoor opps – we have only just begun to turn the tap of potential here 🙂 Wed Dec 07 21:07:19 +0000 2011 from CreativeSTAR
  • RT @parslad: Really lovely Radio #Edutalk with @CreativeSTAR. I highly recommend listening to the recording which will be at http://t.co/z5VCOBpP soon Wed Dec 07 21:24:05 +0000 2011 from don_iain
  • #Edutalk @MissLapere re involving ex-pupils is great idea. Also grandparents can be an additional asset! Wed Dec 07 21:00:01 +0000 2011 from CreativeSTAR
  • @AHigherPlaceLtd #Edutalk We’ll be updating our class blog with plans, photos as things unfold!Or you can come & lend a hand! #passtheshovel Wed Dec 07 20:44:37 +0000 2011 from MissLapere
  • Loving how @johnjohnston’s radio voice sounds like he’s hiding from the government in a wall cavity. I want to join his resistance! #Edutalk Wed Dec 07 20:22:57 +0000 2011 from AHigherPlaceLtd
  • #Edutalk Thanks Juliet!We source free resources but dev our grounds are high priority and need big stuff bolted down which isn’t free! Wed Dec 07 20:21:29 +0000 2011 from MissLapere
  • great ideas for invoving children in the outdoors around yr school from @CreativeSTAR http://t.co/R4veED51 Wed Dec 07 20:15:56 +0000 2011 from johnjohnston
  • #Edutalk I recently made artwork from Autumn leaves with pupils…They made a colour spectrum and patterns on puddles. Loved it. Wed Dec 07 20:12:11 +0000 2011 from AHigherPlaceLtd