Radio #EDUtalk – Practitioner Enquiry – A Practical Workshop

Download: Practitioner Enquiry – A Practical Workshop

Recorded at Practitioner Enquiry – A Practical Workshop Part of the Promoting a Research Engaged Teaching Profession event.

Professor Kate Wall @kate_wall98 on Twitter

Practical introduction to practitioner enquiry – Slides

This workshop event is aimed at those interested in practitioner enquiry; who want to find out a bit more about how this can be taken forward in their setting.

The session will guide participants through a problem solving process of taking an ‘itch’ from the classroom and turning it into a research questions, deciding on different forms of evidence to answer that question (thinking particularly about data that is already available in schools), and how outcomes can be shared within a supportive community. Using real examples, the nature of research within a practitioner enquiry framework will be critically examined to demonstrate how practitioner enquiry can become something that is part of good pedagogy rather than something extra on a practitioners’ list of things to do.

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