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Tue 16/05/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm BST: Patrick Boxall, Director of Create and Connect Learning, on 'Making creative learning happen in the classroom'.
Tue 09/05/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm BST: Richard Holme, University of Dundee, on 'Informal professional development'.
Tue 25/04/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm BST: Kenny Stewart, The Open University in Scotland.
Tue 13/06/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm BST: Jasper Rijpma on 'Curriculum design at Hyperion Lyceum in Amsterdam'.
Wed 03/05/17 Radio EDUtalk: 8pm Loose Learners Ep 3 John Johnston & Mariana Funes living and learning on the web: "We Brag!" (more…)

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