Radio Edutalk 26-01-2016: Judith McKerrecher, Professional Development Officer, University of Strathclyde

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Judith McKerrecher, Professional Development Officer, University of Strathclyde. What impact if any does the app we produced for Advanced Higher French have upon the development of independent learning skills?

  1. How does the opportunity to carry out practitioner enquiry contribute to your professional development?
  2. How can we take a joined up approach to developing skills in learners across schools and sectors?
  3. What are the benefits to learners when they have the opportunity to access apps and technology for learning independently?
  4. How important is the role of the teacher to the effective facilitation of learning via app/technology?

Professional Learning for Teachers Channel – Episode 14: Fearghal Kelly

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Reflective questions for listeners: How can we meaningfully support each other to enhance our professional learning despite seemingly ever diminishing time?

If we all want more and better professional learning, how can we make this happen in our current reality?

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This show was first broadcast on 20th March 2014.