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Radio #EDUtalk 31-01-2018 Upstart

Radio #EDUtalk 31-01-2018 Upstart

With Guest Sue Palmer the Chair of the Upstart campaign.

Sue discussed Upstart, which aims to to establish a statutory play-based ‘kindergarten stage’ for Scottish children – based on well-established developmental principles and similar to the systems in Nordic countries – with a recognisably different ethos from primary schooling



Upstart: Sue’s book on Amazon

Radio #EDUtalk 20-12-17 Safer Internet Day in Scotland

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Jess McBeath Online Safety Consultant talking about Safer Internet Day in Scotland.

Safer Internet Day 2018 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

Jess McBeath (@JessLemonTree) | Twitter

Radio #EDUtalk 01-11-2017 Loose Learners Ep 7: How to read

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Happy Halloween, Everyone!

We aired a relaxed episode 7 we hope you enjoy listening.

The topic for this episode can be characterised as slow meanderings on digital and analogue reading strategies. We explore our personal preferences for paper or screen, strategies we use to help us remember and wonder if we are just getting old.

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