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#Ds106 GoodSpell Final Season ep 8 Letting go Bullet 107! The End!

106 Bullets Episode 107

Therein lies point 107 for your list: letting go. ds106 means letting it all happen with whomever wants to make it their own for whatever reason. For it to be truly great, it must contain multitudes and serve the one-off assignment, the community, as well as the random search on Google equally. ds106 is the web, just with fewer trolls 🙂

Jim Groom

Jim and Ronald Leunissen join John and Mariana for the last episode of 106 Bullets.

Jim is of course one of the hearts and souls of DS106 and Ronald currently is at the top of the Daily create leader board.

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Radio Edutalk 12-10-2016 Charlie Farley 23 Things for Digital Knowledge

Stephanie (Charlie) Farley talking about 23 Things for Digital Knowledge

8pm Stephanie (Charlie) Farley talking about 23 Things for Digital Knowledge

The University of Edinburgh’s 23 Things for Digital Knowledge is a self-directed course free to anyone who has access to a computer and the internet. It aims to provide a way to improve digital knowledge and to experiment with a range of new tools (or known tools in new way). An introduction and a task is provided for each Thing along with suggested readings and resources. How much time and detail is set aside for each Thing is completely up to the participant.

23 Things and How to take part – 23 Things
Playfulness and Literacies | Games, learning, copyright, and information literacy
Charlie (@SFarley_Charlie) | Twitter