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Radio #EDUtalk 07-06-2017 Loose Learners Ep 4: We keep on bragging

Download Link: Loose Learners Episode 4

Mariana Funes &  John Johnston continue their discussion and exploration of the use of twitter by educators.

On this episode we continue talking about social media and exploring what it means to ‘brag’ online and if those reading our posts can read our intention when posting. It is complicated – when is it not complicated with the internet of ours?

When posting we ourselves may not be fully aware of our intent. We may have mixed objectives – I want to share, not brag, but I am a little proud of this and hence I want to post it for all to see with a dash of bragging.

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Radio #EDUtalk 03-05-2017 Loose Learners Ep 3: We Brag!

Download: Loose Learners Episode 3

On the first Wednesday of May we broadcasted our third episode of ‘Loose Learners’. John Johnston is a primary school teacher in Scotland and Mariana Funes is a Psychologist teaching in higher education and we explore issues that we find interesting and that we feel affect those of us using the web for educational purposes in some way.

We run the live show the first Wednesday of each month. The next show is planned for June 7th 2017 at 8pm BST. We thank @Zeynep for the original take on our new tagline: ‘It the Internet Good or Bad for Education? Yes.’ We look beyond easy answers and do our best to look behind technological solutionism.

On today’s show: We brag!

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Radio Edutalk 22-03-2017: Georgina Grace – Google Expeditions

Download (right click) Georgina Grace – Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions
Check the #googleexpeditions hashtag on Twitter and tweets by Google For Education (@GoogleForEdu) on Twitter

Google Expeditions Pioneer Programme Sign-up

Google Expeditions is in the UK until Spring 2017! Last chance to take your class on an immersive virtual journey that brings your lessons to life. Please fill out this form if you’d like your school to be considered for the Expeditions Pioneer Programme.

Radio EDUtalk 22-02-2017 – Kenny Pieper – Reading for Pleasure

Download: Kenny Pieper, Reading for Pleasure

Kenny Pieper talking about his new book, Reading for Pleasure: A Passport to Everywhere.

Reading for Pleasure: A Passport to Everywhere

Kenny’s blog Just Trying to be Better Than Yesterday | …how difficult can that be?

Kenny Pieper (@kennypieper) | Twitter